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Who Do You Believe?

Posted by Peggy Martin on July 11, 2015 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (0)

UPDATE: LATEST EXCUSE FOR NEW WEBSITE ADMINISTRATION, GIVEN BY ALUMNI BOARD/OFFICERS: They felt it would be better to have someone who is local. Hmm... The president and vice president are NOT local! Guess the new ruling, not included in BYLAWS, applies to Peggy Martin ONLY.


Two versions of the truth? I don't think so. Sounds like someone's speaking with forked tongue.


Cushing Police Department - June 12 at 12:30pm


It has come to the attention of the police department that several alumni members have been contacted via email, in regard to a Lifetime Alumni membership on an internet site, The site solicits a lifetime alumni membership for $25. While this is not criminal in nature, The Cushing Alumni Association would like everyone to know this is not OUR Cushing Alumni Association and there is currently no lifetime membership.

If you have received an email from this company, please do not pay the $25 in belief that you are providing the money to the Cushing Alumni Association. is a private company and is not associated with Cushing in any way. Though the site might say "Cushing Alumni" and have familiar names or photographs, we assure you and the Alumni Association assures you that you will receive no benefits from our Alumni Association for the $25 paid to this other company.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your status with the Cushing Alumni Association, please contact President, Dru Orr (307-331-5797) or Secretary, Joy Kindley (918-285-6054)




SECOND VERSION OF THE TRUTH 7-7-2015 Handout at Alumni meeting, in direct contradiction to the statement issued by Cushing Police Department. Sounds like the association changed their story to fit 'their' needs. Like that surprises anyone! The privacy protection offered (to stave off solicitors) is ONLY for the registered owner of the domain name, and does NOT protect or provide privacy for website members/users/visitors. Password protected pages DO provide privacy and protection for the visitors/members of the site hosted by WEBS.

Group e
Mail from website WAS free of charge.
Domain name WAS free of charge.
URL licensing fee WAS free of charge.
Privacy Protection for registered domain holders WAS $12.99/year