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46th Reunion

Posted by Gary Harmon on May 29, 2009 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Well the 25th all school reunion and our 46th has come and gone.  Here are the stories as I saw them unfold.  I crashed the 64 reunion and I thought I would not know anyone there, but to my surprise I knew almost everyone there.  I renewed some old friends and got to swap some old tales and saw an old girlfriend. 

  The 46th reunion at Cleo Johnson's house was another big success and all had a good time.  I presented Jim Pugh with a cd of the Bob Hope Christmas tour which had a shot of Jim being shot down one of his 9 times.  Well I did catch 3 fish but Jim Pugh caught the biggest, I will let Jim tell about that.  Cleo presented Jim with a bottle of head country bar b que sauce,as that is his favorite and he can't get it in Ohio.  We need to give Cleo a big THANK YOU for him opening his home and his wonderful patio to us.  Jim Griner was there and we had a good visit with him.  Colette and Paulette the Moffeit sisters were there, ask Paulette about her mardi gras beads.  Well my autograph book was a big hit and everyone got to hear my stories.  The service Sunday was verrrrrry good, and Chaplain Newby was awesome.  By the way I showed them that Air Force can shine their shoes better than the Army.  I had a good visit with Chaplain Newby and Jim Sunday afternoon and got an autographed copy of Chaplain Newby's book, although he did autograph it to Gary Martin the first time, although peggy and I are good friends we don't share the same last name.  I think a good time was had by all.