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written by BOB PEERCY
Nov. 20, 2008
(pictured left - 1947 Junior)

There was a small group from the high school band, called the pep band, that played at places like pep rallies and basketball games. I don't remember why, but in 1947 the school decided that they didn't want the band playing at basketball games. We had always played for the coronation ceremony when they crowned the basketball queen.

That year Betty Gibble (CHS 1948) was basketball queen, and she was disappointed that the band could not play. We decided that wasn't right, so we came up with a plan. Just before the half time, we left the ball game and went around and broke out a window to the band room so we could crawl in and get the band instruments. We sneaked up a back stairway to the balcony of the gym, and stayed out of sight until the last minute. Just as they escorted Betty into the room, we struck up "Let Me Call You Sweetheart", and made Betty and the team happy, and the faculty were shocked.

Of course we were called in to George Rush's office the next day, and were reprimanded, and we had to chip in and pay for having the window replaced, but we were all happy about it.

Betty Gibble (Whalen) CHS 1948 was a beauty with auburn hair. As a Junior in 1947 she was Basketball Queen; above is her Vivacity royalty photo. The picture of Bob on the left was taken January 20, 2009. Click on photo for a larger view.

My life after CHS . . .

Pictured left to right, Bob Peercy, Louis Armstrong (Satchmo) and Tommy Warner in 1952, Providence, Rhode Island. Tom was from Drumright and well known by my classmates. He & I joined the Navy together in 1950. (Click on the photo for a closer view.)

In 1950 I joined the navy and for the first 2 years, I was stationed in Jacksonville, Florida. Then I spent 2 years on the aircraft carrier USS Tarawa and 6 months sailing around the Mediterranean, and then went on a completely around the world cruise.

While I was in Jacksonville, I met and married Thelma, and we are still married after 57 years. After I was discharged we came back to Oklahoma, and I attended Oklahoma University and graduated with a B.S. in Pharmacy. In 1961 we moved to Texas, and spent about 40 years in retail pharmacies. I managed a pharmacy for about 20 years, and then bought the pharmacy from my boss, and ran it for myself for about 10 years, and then retired.

We moved to Florida in 2001, and live in a fabulous active retirement community, and have loved every day of it. When you see the advertisements on TV about the retirement community called "The Villages" where you can play golf free for the rest of your life - that is where we live. The Villages is pretty much self-contained with fabulous shopping, restaurants, medical facilities, our own 150 bed hospital, and every place is golf cart accessible. We can hop in our gas powered golf cart and go to the super market, the drug store, the hardware store, department stores, many restaurants etc.

"Let Me Call You Sweetheart" - Timi Yuro - now playing

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