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2014 Cushing Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

Hubert Bay

Inducted 2014

Athlete Inductee

Graduated 1945


Hubert Bay was the High Point Man in the 3A State Track Meet as a senior. He won the 100 yard dash, the 220 yard dash, and the 220 yard High Hurdles. Hubert was a “One Man Team” at the State Track Meet, and he led the tigers to a 3rd place finish as a team with Hubert being the only member of that team. Hubert Bay was never defeated his senior year at any track event. He established 12 track records.




Ron “Freight Train” Harmon

Inducted 2014

Athlete Inductee

Graduated 1959


Ron Harmon was a three-sport star for CHS.  Ron lettered in football, basketball and track.  Ron’s best sport was football.  He was a three-year starter, and as a senior he was named an All State Football Player, and also was named a high school All American Football Player.  Ron set a total yardage record for Cushing High School.  Ron also medaled at the State Track Meet as a Senior.  Ron played college football at Central State, and led them to an NAIA National Title.  Ron Harmon returned to his Alma Mater in 1975 as the Head Football Coach.  He coached the Tigers from 1975-1983.




Tammy Elmore

Inducted 2014

Athlete Inductee

Graduated 1981


Tammy Elmore was a standout in both basketball and track for the Cushing Lady Tigers. Tammy placed 3rd in the State Track Meet in the long jump as a freshman. Tammy became the 1st State Champion for the Lady Tigers in track when she won State in the long jump as a sophomore. Tammy repeated as a State Champion in her junior year in long jump. Injuries kept her sidelined her senior year of basketball and track. 




Joe Wilson
Inducted 2014
Service/Contributor Inductee
For outstanding contribution to Cushing Athletics

Long-time Cushing resident Joe Wilson was the official time keeper for every home Cushing Tiger football game for nearly 53 years….and according to Joe he loved every minute of it!!  Joe was a 1940 graduate of Cushing High School and was quite an athlete himself, excelling in football and baseball.  He was even looked at by baseball scouts for his pitching ability but a badly injured shoulder during a football game put an end to any serious pitching future.  After serving 511 days of combat in World War II and receiving the silver star, Joe returned to Cushing and worked at the Cushing Post Office for many years.  Joe’s tremendous love of sports (especially football) made him a natural for keeping time at the football games.  Joe started in 1947 and worked through the 1999 football season.


Sean Kelly
Inducted 2014
Service/Contributor Inductee
For outstanding contribution to Cushing Athletics

Sean Kelly made a tremendous contribution to Cushing High School and its athletic programs.  Starting in the fall of 1990, Sean was the voice of nearly every Tiger football and basketball game without fail.  This was a tradition that lasted almost 24 years.  Sean lived and breathed Cushing. He loved covering Cushing athletics and was always looking for ways to improve the broadcasts and the quality of the product for listeners at home. Sean's contribution to Cushing athletics has forever changed the way people consume high school sports in Cushing and his absence will be felt for many years to come.


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