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Memories of Cleo

Cleo Johnson CHS 1963
6/30/1945 - 7/6/2014
Gone Fishin' (written 5/2015)
Peggy Randall-Martin CHS 1963

CHS 1963 WHOPPIN' FISH STORIES - 5/23/2009
Cleo Johnson (7/6/2014), Stan Witte,
Gary Harmon & Jim Pugh (1/27/2014)


Cleo Johnson was dedicated to his wife, Dawna, their children and his siblings. Family was everything to Cleo. And his dedication was extended to the customers of his plumbing business, and to his friends. Cleo never took a duty or obligation lightly, and the Alumni Association and its website were close to his heart. He is the only person I ever knew who enjoyed each minute of every day to the fullest... he didn't like sitting still. The wide outdoors was Cleo's home. He loved to fish, work in his yard, water his flowers, do upkeep on the deck where he enjoyed many hours, and various assorted other chores and pastimes too numerous to mention.


I can't resist repeating a story Cleo told me about seeing a snake in the middle of the road... only wish I could remember what kind it was. Anyway, he stopped his truck, got out and picked up the snake. At this point, I asked, "Why?" His answer was simple, "I didn't want it to get run over." But there's more to this story! Cleo drove back to his house to get a box for transporting the snake, and took it inside with him. When Cleo's wife saw what he was carrying, he said that she screamed and did the snake dance! You see, Cleo had an ornery side! Later Cleo relocated the snake to its natural habitat, out of harm's way. I miss listening to Cleo's stories, and hearing him laugh!


Cleo and Dawna Johnson opened up their home for the Class of 1963 Reunions, and that quickly became the highlight of our class get-togethers. May 2013 was our class' 50th Reunion, and the last time many of our classmates would see Cleo, although we had no way of knowing that at the time. May 24, 2014 Cleo was attending Jim Pugh's Memorial Service in Cushing, and still fulfilling his duties as the Association's All School Reunion Steering Committee Chairman. That was the last time I saw Cleo, and a short 6 weeks later, Cleo Johnson passed away peacefully at home, after an extended hospital stay. Cleo's family and friends still think about him and miss him, and always will.


I like to think there are fully stocked streams in Heaven, and Cleo and Jim are not really gone, they've just gone fishin'.

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